Station Road are regulars at Bridie Molloy’s.

Just a bunch of guys with a passion for music

“Station Road is a local band categorized as “trad” but brings more than that to the stage. Their upbeat music with personalized “twists” to the local and traditional tunes coupled with their electrifying stage presence draws their audience into a fun filled, upbeat “kitchen party” atmosphere.

Traditional instruments are brought into songs that categorically are not in the usual “trad” genre, from local favourites such as Wagon Wheel, Tim Finnegans Wake and Ordinary Day to more pop tunes like Little Lion Man, Copper Head Road and Shipping Up to Boston, to name a few and their originals such as Station Road and One Good Leg.

With a wide selection of music, from traditional, pop, country and old rock their wide variety pleases every taste and their audience interaction has always filled the dance floor.

Station Road is a 5 piece band consisting of Steve Knight (Vox, Guitar), Andrew Freake (Vox, Guitar, Banjo, Mando), Larry Walsh (Vox, Guitar, Mando), Kevin Harnum (Vox,Bass) and Robert Buck (Vox, Drums).” (Learn More on their Facebook Page, Twitter or Website.)