A Rich History of Survival

The Celtic Hearth is filled with rich history of the years gone by, housed in a building that is approximately 150 years old. Having survived the Great Fire of 1892, it has proudly stood the test of time and has been the home of a general store, toy store, hardware store, and pharmacy. When you visit us, be sure to take a moment to browse the many items on display from the former Lily’s Pharmacy.


The history of the building is honoured in its current role, with each portion of the Celtic Hearth paying homage to the past tenants. The Celtic Hearth is a thankful tenant of a building which as already lived a long and prosperous life. Our walls are proudly lined with photos and memento’s highlighting it’s past and the history of St. John’s, the oldest city in North America.

Bright Future

The Celtic Hearth, is a place of warm welcome with a bright future.